Spring in to Action Muskoka With My April Check List

Spring Clean Your Muskoka DeckThe days are getting longer, the temperatures are supposed to be milder and April is a wonderful time to freshen up your Muskoka home both inside and out. From windows that sparkle, to a clutter-free garage, here is my list of to do’s to make the most of early spring.

Clean gutters and downspouts. Having your home’s eaves troughs and downspouts cleaned and repaired is one of the most important tasks to do this season. Muskoka winters can be hard on eaves troughs, so keeping them in good repair is important. Clogged gutters during a rainy spring can cause water to pool, potentially damaging the roof and siding and can also cause wet basements.

Wash siding. Use your garden hose and a light scrubbing to clear away winter grime from your home’s siding.

Spruce up the front porch. Clean the porch floor, exterior windows, windowsills and front door. Wipe cobwebs from the ceiling and high corners. Lay down a fresh doormat and plant a pot of flowers. If you have porch furniture, clean it off and wash the cushions.

Inspect paths and driveway. Repeated freezing and thawing can take a toll on asphalt and concrete if you have it, so check your driveway and paths for cracks and schedule repairs as needed. If you have a gravel driveway, take a walk up and down it to see if it’s time to top it up and even out the bumps.

Boost curb appeal. Spring is a wonderful time to make upgrades to your home’s exterior, like putting up bold house numbers and a shiny new mailbox. If you’re planning to put your house on the market this spring, boosting curb appeal can help attract potential buyers.

Wash windows. Welcome the spring sunshine by clearing dirt and grime from windows inside and out. Don’t forget to wipe the sills too!

Check screen doors and windows for tears. Even small tears can let in mosquitoes, so take the time to inspect your screens carefully. If you find any holes, pick up a screen patch kit, available at most hardware stores. Repairs are usually easy and if you do not know how you can always watch a Youtube video on how to repair them.

Schedule cooling-system maintenance. If you have central air conditioning, be sure to schedule professional maintenance before the start of summer. A properly maintained system cools better, uses less energy and lasts longer.

Test sprinklers and irrigation system. Don’t let the first sign you have a malfunctioning irrigation system be your drooping garden. Take the time this month to test each part and adjust or repair as needed. Even if you do not have sprinklers, now is a great time to check your outside tap and hose to make sure the Muskoka winter did not damage anything.

Keep mosquitoes at bay. Having warmer weather and longer days means we’re entering bug season. Take preventative measures by regularly checking your property for standing water and emptying it. Any open containers (empty flowerpots, saucers, a wheelbarrow) can become mosquito-breeding grounds when filled with rainwater, so store items like these upside down or in a shed.

Maintain wood decks and fences. Keep outdoor woodwork in top shape by staining or resealing each spring. Check gates, fencing, decks, railings, gazebos and other outdoor structures, and make repairs as needed.
Living in Muskoka has many wonderful blessings but our winters mean spring clean-up can be a chore. Get a start on it now so you can enjoy a spectacular summer of relaxation.