Is Your New Muskoka Home Making You Second Guess Your Decision?

Karen Acton Mew Home BlueAre you feeling little blue now that you are all moved into your new Muskoka home? Well don’t fret, it is not an unusual feeling. In a recent study as many as 1 in 4 homeowners said they went through a period of regretting purchasing their current home.

Why you may wonder? Well think about it, you spent months dreaming about a new home, you made plans in your head about things you would or could do in a new home. Now that you have selected one, most of these plans will have to be refined or even deleted. After all, your new home is a reality now, and not all of your plans and dreams will fit the actual spaces you have and some of the things you have been dreaming about will not be affordable.

Regardless of how much you might feel the urge to, you can’t just take a house back and get a refund. Even if you could the next one you picked would likely have similar issues for you. So what is the solution? I have taken a google tour and combined my findings with my experience and put together some tips to help you ease anxiety and start appreciating your home’s positive side.

It is OK to wallow a little.  Accept that it is totally normal to have second thoughts after committing to mortgage payments, moving expenses and the challenges of resettling your family. Instead of feeling disappointed that the house may not living up to your expectations, give yourself a break and wallow a little….but just a little! Call a friend and vent over a coffee or a glass of wine for a short time, even have a cry and let it all out, if that is what you need. Remember that these feelings will be more likely to pass if you deal with them so get it all out.  Try making a list of all the things you would like to change about your house and save it. One day years from now, you might look back on it when you’re packing up to move out of the house you have come to cherish, and laugh.

Put a positive spin on things. Pick out some art, with a warm and welcoming message, and hang it somewhere so you’ll see it each day. Muskoka is home to numerous lovely shops that sell all kinds of attractive items that have positive messages. Reading the sentiment you wish you had about your home will begin to rub off and shift your feelings about the new space.

Bring some familiarity.  Keeping some elements the same from one home to the next can help a new place feel more familiar, and it cuts down on stressful decision making. Don’t forget that part of what’s exciting about buying a home is the potential to make a fresh start, so be sure to leave room for the new and different too.

Do things slowly.  Settling into your new Muskoka home can be overwhelming. Don’t pressure yourself into doing it all at once. It is OK to leave some boxes unpacked in the basement for a week or even more! Start with the areas that affect your daily routines the most like the kitchen, medicine cabinet, and clothes closets. When they are neatly organized in a familiar way you will start to feel more settled. And when things start out neat and tidy and well organized, they are more likely to stay that way and more importantly you will feel like you are home.

Embracing the new. There are many traditions from around the world relating to inhabiting a new space. You could say a blessing for your new home or invite a spiritual leader to do it, you could symbolically sweep out traces of the past owners with a good old fashioned broom or even cleanse the air in each room with a sage bundle. Many of these symbolic rituals can help make the home feel like it is yours.

Buy flowers.  We buy flowers for the ones we love, so buying them especially for your home can be a surprisingly meaningful gesture. Don’t wait for things to be perfect to treat your new home to a beautiful bouquet do it NOW and as a bonus you will get to enjoy them too.

Be half full not half empty If you own a home, especially one in beautiful Muskoka, you have a lot to be grateful for. Try keeping a gratitude journal daily for a week listing all the things you appreciate about your new home. Form big things like the fact that you own it, to little things like you have enough closets for all your clothes, or the water pressure is great! You will be surprised as this journey will likely remind you of exactly why you wanted this home when you made the purchase.

Get help. Nothing drastic required, but if things are not coming together as easily as you would like, it may be time to call in reinforcements. Ask a design-minded friend over for coffee and pick their brain about the best furniture arrangement for your new living room or perhaps hire a designer to help make bigger changes. Having a trusted second opinion about your space can help move things forward.

Accept the imperfections. Yes, you made a huge investment and you were hoping that things would be perfect, but just like people, no home is perfect. Focus on getting to know your home’s quirks and making the most of its positive qualities instead of holding it up to an impossible glossy-magazine ideal. Even a custom-built home can turn out to have imperfections that the owner did not anticipate when it was designed.

In my experience as a Realtor no one would say their home is perfect. Enjoy and accept the things you did not see or expect during the showings you had before closing and soon you’ll
love the new Muskoka home that you were so excited to move into.