How to Make the Most of February in Your Muskoka Home

Things to do in February - Karen Acton Muskoka RealtorWith this much snow on the ground and the frigid temperatures saying “stay inside” here are 10 things you can do to be proactive and get a head start on spring.

  1. Plan a spring or summer sale of your home. It will not be long until the pendulum swings and the warmer weather is here. With the warmer weather and kids out of school, (I know it still February but June really is just around the corner!) come the buyers so now is the time to start putting plans into action. Interview real estate salespeople and ask for an opinion of value for  your home. I am always delighted to offer this service to not only my clients but potential new clients as well. Make a list of home projects that need to get done to help your home look its best, and line up work so any major projects will be completed in time. Go to for Buying and Selling tips.
  2. Clean up your entrance way. As the winter lingers its impact on the entrance from your home can be harsh. Road salt, melting snow, mud and grime will make a poor first impression and wreak havoc on floor finishes. Clear away the clutter and give your floors a thorough cleaning. If possible try to set up shelving or a tray to store boots near the door. Protect your floors with waterproof mats and I suggest leaving a few old towels in a basket near the door to quickly wipe up any mess.
  3. Make it bright by cleaning the interior windows. It may be too cold and icy to clean the exterior windows, but cleaning interior windows can still help boost light — everyone loves a light bright home.
  4. Save some money and some energy.  Stop those pesky drafts coming through cracks around doors with door sweeps or good old-fashioned door snakes. Shut doors to rooms you don’t use often, and warm up with cozy rugs, throws and duvets.
  5. Tidy up the Craft Corner. If you enjoy crafting or another hobby that has “stuff” you probably find yourself doing more of it in the winter. And more “stuff” usually means more mess. Get a handle on your hobby corner by sorting through your supplies and storing them in labeled bins, baskets and jars.
  6. Refresh the air.  By now the air in your Muskoka home has been around for a while with only minimal exchange happening as the air outside is too cold to welcome inside. Treat your home to a few new houseplants this month to help boost interior air quality and add life to your home. And if we get a not too cold day, try cracking open a window or two for a moment or two to bring in some fresh air. Remember it is important to clean or replace furnace filters as needed. Allergy sufferers, if you are concerned about the quality of air where you live, look into getting an air purifier as well.
  7. Make you bath “spa like” with a makeover.  Bring in fresh accent towels, a new shower curtain and liner, and add a few organic accents, like potted plants and a wooden stool. Simple changes and attention to detail can make a big impact in a small space like the bathroom. Don’t forget to make time for a relaxing soak in your great spa….I mean bathroom!
  8. Pick a new paint colour. Beat the winter blahs by focusing on ways to enhance your home with color. Take a trip to a paint store and gather up colour samples. Play around with different colour combinations by pinning your favorites to a bulletin board. When spring rolls around, you’ll be ready to break out the paintbrushes.
  9. Have a “freezer meal” party. Make lighter work for all by inviting your friends over for a day of cooking, with the express purpose of making dinners that can be stored in the freezer. Go in on ingredients and make a really big batch of chili, pans of lasagna or whatever strikes your fancy — just remind guests to bring their own containers to take food home.
  10. Make it spring inside. Buy yourself to some flowers or a bright flowering plant like a Gerba Daisy. With Valentine’s day this month, the shops are bound to be bursting with blooms — and often at good prices. Why not treat yourself to a weekly bouquet?

Whatever you do try to find ways to beat the winter blues. Muskoka is a fantastic place to live and spring is only a few more weeks away.