Fall Traditions for a Special Muskoka Season

Fall in MuskokaFall in Muskoka is world famous and for good reason, our colours are magnificent! We are blessed with the prefect climate and mixture of tree verities to cause a raucous explosion of reds, yellows, and browns contrasted against the lush evergreens. Add to this the stunning natural landscapes and waterscapes and it is a win-win for Muskoka.

Of course when you live in this beautiful environment making the most of it is vital! Who doesn’t want to spent every minute they can enjoying what has been provided for us?

Here are some great ideas for some events to make your Muskoka Fall a great one.

Find a pumpkin patch. Pick up some pumpkins, gourds and fall flowers to decorate with. The more, the merrier. An abundance of pumpkins and gourds in different shapes, sizes and colors makes for a cheerful display that will last through the autumn months. If you have little ones, make it a tradition to take their picture sitting among the pumpkins. Many of our Muskoka garden centres put together a great display so find one and have fun. Don’t forget that picture!

Celebrate the harvest. Invite friends and family over for a potluck or visit one of the many fall fairs and festivals happening at this time of year. From biggest pumpkin contests to live music, there’s something for everyone and it is a great way to be able to reflect on the richness of the land we live in and be thankful.

Cook up a storm. With things being a little cooler in the fall, it’s a great time to send the day making batches of your favorite things. It’s also a perfect time to make good use of the harvest. Making a pie from scratch, or batches of spaghetti sauce or loaves of pumpkin bread – I can smell it just writing about it!

Football anyone? For football fans, fall means only one thing: game time. Set up comfy seating around the TV, make some tasty snacks and invite friends over to watch the game. Even if you are not a fan you can make it an excuse for snuggling up with your loved ones and spending time together ….Dad will probably love this one.

An apple a day. Find an orchard that offers pick-your-own apples and head out for a fun day of picking fruit right from the trees. Picking at an orchard is not only fun, it gives you the opportunity to taste varieties of apples you have never tried. Don’t forget the cider and if the orchard is too far away you can find great apples at the farmers markets all over Muskoka.

Get your “Martha Stewart” on. Change up your home décor by layering beds with thicker quilts, drape a cozy throw over your favorite armchair and set out bowls of apples and nuts. It doesn’t take much effort, and your home will instantly feel more fall-like.

Jump in a big pile of leaves. The inevitable consequence of Fall is that the leaves will fall! We all have to face the leaf raking or blowing day sooner or later so make the most of it. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the sound of leaves crunching underfoot or the joy of leaping into a giant leaf pile. If you want to, just go for it! 

It’s S’more season! Toast marshmallows for s’mores outside or just pull up a chair and get warmed up around the fire. There is something so comforting about watching a fire, and fall, with its crisp weather, is the perfect time to enjoy it.

A drive and a picnic. If you live in Muskoka you may not think about taking a drive to simply look at the colourful fall foliage but sometimes we need to take time out to really “see” the beauty. Plan a day trip to scope out the colours on a scenic drive. For added fun, pack a few edibles, a blanket and most importantly the camera, and make a memory.

Make a “thankful tree.” In preparation for Thanksgiving cut a branch and stand it in a bucket of sand. Gather some of the magnificent leaves and rub them with hand lotion to keep them from drying out and clip them on your “tree” with a small hair clip or paper clip. Then cut some leaf shapes from paper and invite your friends and family to record something they are thankful for on the paper leaf. Clip the paper leaves to real branches in amongst the real leaves and place it where everyone can appreciate it.

There are almost as many idea’s for fall as there are leaves falling but hopefully one or two of these will inspire you and help you find just one more reason to love being in Muskoka this fall.


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