FIVE TIPS for Adding a Little Spring to Your Muskoka Home

Spring ify your Muskoka Home - Karen ActonThe “end is nigh” and it appears that we are finally approaching the finish line of a prolonged, cold, snowy winter here in Muskoka.  It is time to look ahead to warmer weather and the lovely long days of summer. Before we get there here are some ways to get in the mood and “Spring-ify” your Muskoka Home in preparation for what is to come.


Splash Around Some Colour

New paint will achieve not only a fresh new colour in your home but is a great way to force a spring cleaning. However, it is not always practical, so if your time and budget do not extend to painting try this cost-saving tip.  Add new and colourful accent pillows. It’s a very simple way to make a room pop. If you sew be creative, go to a fabric store and ask if they have discontinued fabrics or go to the Salvation Army and pick up anything big and bright that you can make a pillow with. Pillow slip covers are fairly easy to sew and adding accents, such as buttons, is a cinch. A sure fire way to make a big difference on a small budget!

As a Realtor I often say de-clutter for a resale but try doing it now to give yourself a fresh start this spring. Part of the spring cleaning process is to throw away the bric-a-brac that accumulates throughout the year. Remember, in home design magazines everything is placed very deliberately and there are no bits and bobs lying around. You may need to keep a corner for the beloved art from your children or grandchildren but try limiting it to one current item. You can always buy a beautiful box or folio for storing all the rest so the kids know they are your treasures.

 Refreshing your closet is as important as the refreshing rest of your home. Be tough on yourself, if you haven’t worn it, or forgot you had it, add it to the donation pile! The local charities will appreciate you efforts and you will feel great. The bonus is, that it gives you an opportunity to add a few new things when there is room. Hang some lovely fresh scented sachets to add a finishing touch to the closet and make you clothes and shoes smell as great as the spring air!

Put a Little Glam in Your Bathroom

Don’t run out of energy before you get to your bathroom, now is a good time to toss all the old products that you haven’t used in ages—old mascaras, lipsticks and shampoos you weren’t wild about. Look in the sale bins at the big box stores for some bright hand towels and face cloths.  Find some large jars with interesting lids for your Q-Tips and cotton balls and add some bright colour features like a jar full of beads or rocks from the dollar store.

Some New Art

Take a look around as you clean and think of things in frames! Perhaps you have a pile of old art books that haven’t seen the light of day in a while? Choose a few pages from these books and repurpose them as art. Maybe you have a treasure in the box of art your children have made for you that you can elevate to a framed wall piece. Stop by an antique store and pick up several different frames with fun contrasts and switch out some of the old art for new. Check out the amazing selection of shower curtains. They can be cut and stapled to a frame to make an eye catching piece for a room or hallway.

Living in Muskoka means we are surrounded by beauty and when spring finally arrives it is fun to spring-ify your Muskoka home making the inside as lovely as the outside. If you are planning to sell this spring and would like some advice on getting ready, call me. I am happy to help!